With you, we're building a more connected and transparent food supply chain

Localizes uses extensive product profiles, software, and data tools to take a consumer-centric approach to managing local and specialty food products in retail stores. The results are proven: better business for grocers, brand differentiation for food producers, and trustworthy information for empowered shoppers.

We started with local. Now we're simplifying transparency.

We started with local product labeling, but consumers care about factors on top of where a product is made or grown. With our expertise in attribute tagging and database full of socially relevant product information, we are uniquely positioned to tell the whole story behind the products on store shelves. Check out a few of the ways we can use our database and expertise for product discovery, labeling, and impact measurement.

Discover the right products, with ease.


Food businesses and retailers match in seconds based on:

 • product category
 • location of production
 • distribution or insurance 

 • sustainability attributes
 • certifications                         • and much more 

Labeling programs show the information shoppers are looking for.

We help local and speciality food products find a place on store shelves; and enable shoppers to identify products with attributes that they are looking for. 

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Measure impact and optimize programs.


Localize’s comprehensive database and powerful analytics tools can turn data into actionable advice and impact assessments.