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Food is Better, when you know the facts.

Localize removes the awkward barriers that keep people from knowing more about their food.
We empower shoppers to make quick, educated choices while helping grocers better communicate what the local products are in their store.

Shoppers can't find the
answers they're looking for.


who owns this?

what's the

how was it made?

is it


The Score

Localize gives you the facts, and we started with local.

Our labels highlight key details about every product, and our Localize score gives you a quick measure of how local a product is to you.

We measure products according to:

  • Production - Where it was made
  • Ingredients - What went into it
  • Ownership - Who did the making
  • Sustainability - How it was done

The Platform

Our easy, turnkey platform is flying off the shelves.

We’re not just a shelf labelling system. In just seconds, a shopper can scan the label’s QR code to get the full product story directly in their hands. We present the data in a central place, making it easy to make empowered decisions based on what matters most to them.

Just scan the label + learn more!

Learn as little or as much as you like!