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The Mission

Creating connections across the food supply chain

We are a B-Corporation, certified woman-owned business with a mission to support diverse, social, and ethical products to thrive in retail aisles. Localize was founded to answer one question: "Where does our food come from?" The company has evolved to become a connector between food businesses, retailers, and consumers.


Our growth story 


We started with local.

We started with local, but consumers care about more than where a product is made or grown. By combining our expertise in geospacial tagging with transparent and socially relevant product attributes, we are uniquely positioned to tell the whole story behind the products on store shelves. 


 We're simplifying transparency.

 Our unique data set and shelf integration services help retailers and food businesses take a consumer-centric approach to sourcing, labeling and localization of specialized food products. The result is greater trust and connection built into the food supply chain. 


We're growing local economies.

We work directly with food businesses to tell the story behind their products and companies. Our software was built to easily manage and analyze local and specialty product listings and labels. Now we make it easier to source and label based on the factors that matter. 


We're a business force for good.

Born with the purpose of providing reliable and transparent information to consumers, Localize strives to operate in a way that benefits all of the partners we work with. We're a Certified B Corporation and are dedicated to improving the communities in which we live and operate.  Read more about B Corp.


Meet our team


Meghan Dear

Meghan is a passionate agriculturalist, and has worked in her field as a farmer, researcher, biologist, and international agricultural developer. She has a passion for food issues and founded Localize in 2011 so she could finally shop in peace with the right information at hand. Meghan’s job is to ensure that Localize’s vision to build a service that shares better food information at the shelf’s edge is realized.


Ken Bautista

Ken has dedicated his career to gathering big dreamers and community builders. As well as having built two tech companies and an early stage tech fund, he co-founded Startup Edmonton. Now leading Localize’s business team, Ken brings his passion for building companies and communities to the Localize family of food producers and grocers.


Bob Evans
Director of Product

Bob started his career as a software developer and soon found a real passion in looking at applications and web properties from a user’s perspective. As our Senior Product Manager, Bob leads the continuous improvements to our Localize application while building out our future roadmap.


Sarah Grant
Director of Partnerships

Sarah brings extensive training and experience in food systems and agriculture, both here in Canada and sub-Saharan Africa. Drawing on her background in engineering, she has unabated focus on execution as she leads our Toronto office and drives success in Eastern Canada.


Pablo Herrera Cruz
Grocer Relations Manager

Since an early age, Pablo has geared for an international career and spent the past 13 years gaining valuable knowledge of account management & customer experience. Pablo leads our client success efforts, and contributes to maximize program efficiencies and facilitate product and business development.


Heather Watson
Marketing Manager

Heather’s passion for great food and experience in marketing and communications help her spread the word about Localize and share the stories behind the food we eat. She is a planner extraordinaire, bringing energy, creativity, and attention to detail to every project she works on.


Eric Fredin
Senior Software Architect

Eric has a Diploma in Computer System Technology from NAIT, and more than 9 years experience in software development. He is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist who brings technical expertise to the team, shaping our platform functionality and user experience.


Nathan Beck
Product Manager

Nathan has more than 5-years of experience in the local food sector, from his uncle’s grocery store in Medicine Hat to supply-chain coordinator at Live Local’s Good Food Box. He is the guru of data at Localize, responsible for all things IT-related, including collection and systems development.


Peter Johnstone
Senior Software Developer

Peter has a degree in Computing Science and a degree in Math from the University of Alberta, as well as 10+ years of experience in software development. Peter enjoys travelling and running marathons or a combination of the two. He has run twelve marathons, including six outside of Canada.


Laura Ward
Producer Relations Manager

Laura has a degree in Biology from the University of Alberta and completed her Permaculture Design Certification in 2014. Aside from tending to tomatoes in the garden and stretching her soul in Yoga, Laura's passion is people. Bringing knowledge from working on organic farms in Guatemala & Oregon, Laura connects with food producers to share their authentic story.


Sara Awatta
Customer Impact Analyst

Sara holds a bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences from Carleton University and is currently pursuing a degree in Environmental Economics and Policy from the University of Alberta. To Localize, Sara brings her analytical skills, research methods and her love of finding stories hidden within every data set.


Jacob Ward
Data Partnerships Manager

Jacob attended the University of Denver where he earned a Masters degree in business administration and environmental policy. Environmental issues and a desire to create positive change have played a defining role in Jacob’s experiences in finance, politics, government, and non-profit work.


Katarina Kaempfe
Graphic Design & Communications

After graduating from Conestoga College studying Graphic Design and Communications, Katarina worked as a Packaging Development Specialist for two years before relocating to Edmonton from Ontario. She brings her experience in the visual world of grocery stores to make Localize look as good as possible.



Naomi Brierley
Graphic Design & Communications

Naomi Brierley is a graduate of the Digital Media Production program at the Edmonton Digital Arts College and is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Design at the University of Alberta. She has a fierce passion for sustainability issues and the role that design plays in creating positive social change.