Make storytelling easier, so you can focus on making great products

As a food business, your focus is on making fantastic products, staying true to your values, and running your business. Your customers love connecting with you - but it can be hard to communicate everything you'd like to share with limited time and space. That's where we come in. We make sharing your story simple so you can focus on what matters most.

Licence for on package labeling starts at $15/month for registered Localize products.

Find out how it will work for you.

Information your customers can trust

We combine information directly from you with layers of verified data from certifiers and third parties. Information about your business and current certifications are kept up-to-date online.

Localize is a trusted third party bringing deeper information from multiple sources. Information consumers trust.



Leaving room to grow

As your businesses evolves, we’ll grow with you – we strive to provide affordable, scalable on-package labeling options that can adapt to changes in your business, and new regulations wherever your products are sold.

Adapt easily to uncertainty and changes in requirements for on-package labeling.

Supporting your business from start to finish

We live to share the story behind food products with consumers and to help small-medium sized producers and specialty products thrive.

From marketing collaboration to on-package and on-shelf – we’re there, wherever your product goes. 

Explore our Vendor Spotlights or inquire to see if there is an on-shelf labeling program in a retail store near you. 

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