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In 1974 William Laws owned the Back Eddy Restaurant in Hay River, Northwest Territories, and the Back Eddy's Seasoning was born. The Back Eddy was a steak and seafood restaurant and they needed a great seasoning for their steaks and seafood. After many attempts, effort, and with much customer feed back, Back Eddy's Seasoning was created and was a huge hit.

In the beginning Back Eddy's was preparing 25 pounds a week which quickly turned into 200 pounds a week. In the small town of Hay River, Back Eddy's Seasoning quickly became the only seasoning that people wanted to use on their food. This seasoning was not only being used for steak, but chicken, fish, hamburgers, wild meat, vegetables, popcorn, fries, potatoes and numerous other dishes.

William sold the Back Eddy Restaurant and kept the name of Back Eddy's Seasoning. The overwhelming demand for this product made William decide to incorporate his company in order to retail this spice with professional jars and labels.

The reaction was overwhelming just as it is today. Almost everyone who tries Back Eddy's Seasoning, loves it and becomes a lifelong user. Why not, it is the perfect compliment to practically any meal set on your table. Most important is that all ingredients in Back Eddy's seasoning are of the highest quality available and closely supervised with the strictest guidelines.

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