Collaborating for a better food future.

Let’s bring producer stories and certifications to the forefront.

Like you, we are committed to increasing the information available to consumers about the issues they care most about. We work across the food supply chain to integrate transparent and reliable information at the shelf-edge, and to enable specialized producers to tell their stories and find space on retail shelves.

Supporting food producers

Through our sourcing portal, grocers can search for products with certain certifications and from particular geographic areas. This results in increased exposure for producers that match the needs of grocery retailers, and, ultimately, shoppers.

Our on-shelf label programs allow producers to share their story directly with shoppers at the shelf edge.

Stronger together

We specialize in sharing the who, what, when, and how behind food products and helping grocers successfully implement and manage local and specialty food programs. Partnering with certifiers and organizations representing food producers means that we can verify certifications, increase exposure for producers, share details on sustainability and other attributes, and add more specialty products to store shelves. We strive to add value for both our partners and the food producers we work with.

Learn more about partnering with Localize.

Celebrating partnerships and collaboration

We are proud to work with certifiers and partners who are passionate about supporting food producers and educating consumers. With our partners, we engage in joint communication and education programs, partner with retailers to bring certification labels to the shelf-edge, and verify claims and certifications to ensure accurate information is shared with consumers. We’d love to work with you too.

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