Every product has a story to tell.

We are on a mission to tell the whole story behind food products. Through our product labeling programs and comprehensive online profiles, we provide a forward-thinking way for you, the food maker, to connect with customers and share information they care about — the story of your business, products, and ingredients.

Introducing the Enabled Label

The Enabled Label provides customers a snapshot of the story that makes your product unique, right on package. Your custom QR code allows consumers to find more information about your product, verified by Localize.

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Modern consumers are demanding information and ways to connect digitally with food brands. Build trust and loyalty by sharing the whole story behind your products.

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Purchase on-package labels with a QR code that links to your online product profile. Go beyond the package to provide shoppers more information they care deeply about.

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We work with over 800 small to medium sized food businesses committed to making products with integrity. Highlight your story to thrive in retail aisles!

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