Localize Joins GODAN Network to Change the World Through Data


Empowering positive community change through data. It’s the reason why Localize exists in the first place, and it’s why we are excited to join as a partner of GODAN (Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition).

GODAN supports global efforts to make data around agriculture and nutrition more transparent and accessible. Their aim is to empower people and organizations across the world in solving long-standing problems to benefit farmers and positively impact the health of consumers. GODAN connects communities through advocacy, research, mapping, and by fostering collaboration and partnerships.

Our partnership with GODAN means we share the principles outlined on GODAN’s Statement of Purpose, and we are committed to engaging in conversations to effectively share information, collaborate, and spread the word about how access to data can help move us towards a more efficient, innovative, and equitable value chain for agriculture and nutrition.

For more information about GODAN, visit godan.info or follow them on Twitter at @godanSec.

Stay tuned for more from Localize as we work with GODAN’s global partners to enable the vision of accessible and available data!

Let’s GODAN!

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