We are the local and sustainability experts.

More than simply consulting, we precisely measure your impact on your local community economy. We do it by leveraging our vast database of local and sustainable product information from across North America along with carefully compiled custom information.

We provide fast, complete, and data-driven analysis of your local and sustainability programs. Whether assessing food service, food retail, or institutional programs, we have to tools to help.

What we do

Fast Assessments

Leveraging our technology and your product lists, we establish a baseline of local products and identify procurement insights to optimize your local, sustainable or corporate responsibility initiatives

Custom Assessments

We deliver analytical insights on a range of product attributes. Our vast database includes information from certification partners including certified organic, sustainable seafood, humane, and more to meet your sustainability goals.

Who we work with

Localize provides food related consulting services to institutions including universities, colleges, municipalities, and companies with sustainable and/or local procurement programs. We also work with mission-driven organizations, non-profits, NGOs, and government programs serving local economies, buy-local programs, and sustainability tracking projects.

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    Institutional Assessment

    We’re here to help you continue to establish your institution as a leader in your community and within higher education. We provide full research on your existing procurement data to provide you with the metrics that you need to establish a baseline and reasonable procurement targets, and track your ongoing impact and effects of your local and sustainable procurement program. If your institution has a sustainability program, talk to us about our low-cost project analysis.

    Fast Assessments For Retailers

    Localize can run an array of ‘fast assessments’ – analyses which can otherwise require hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. Perfect for grocery retailers who want a baseline identification of local products or a more advanced sales and profit analysis of their local or corporate responsibility initiatives. We can also scan for a range of certification partners’ products including for Certified Organic, Sustainable Seafood, Humane, and more. Answer questions such as:

    • How much ‘local’ food is sold across your grocery stores?
    • What is my grocery stores’ impact on our local economies in terms of sales of local products?
    • What is the average profitability of local products?
    • How are individual stores performing in terms of category mix and sales of local or specialty products?

    Custom Assessment For Retailers

    We are happy to design a custom analysis around your particular needs.

    • Piloting: If you just want to get your local labeling program off the ground without an ongoing engagement, talk to us about our Kickstart Service for labeling. We can assist with content development, baseline assessments (identification and drivers for local), and key partnerships development.
    • White label program management: Managing a local program is a lot of work. Let us help you with producer engagement and onboarding.

    Assessments For Other Organizations

    We work across the food supply chain with expertise in retail analysis and procurement of local products and sustainability. If you are looking to extend you branded Buy-Local or Buy-Regional program into the retail environment, or you are looking to analyze your existing program, we can provide turn-key analysis of your impact. Reporting on real data for economic impact for local communities can be a game-changer for mission-driven organizations. Our services make building true data around local economy a reality.